Bb. Pilipinas 2010 Winners

Miss Philippines-International Krista Kleiner

Miss Philippines-International Krista Kleiner

Miss Philippines-International: Krista Arrieta Kleiner
Age: 20
Height: 5′ 10 1/2″
Weight: 122 lbs.
Vital statistics: 36″-26″-36″
Special awards: Miss Talent, Best in Swimsuit

A popular actress in the Philippines, this Orange County girl is something of a Renaissance woman. A published author at sixteen, Krista graduated from Fullerton Union High School with academic honors. While attending the University of California San Diego, she became part of the prestigious National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Krista excels physically as much as she does intellectually: she’s garnered several medals for swimming, and she’s won multiple tennis tournaments. She’s certainly not a lady to be trifled with: Krista holds a black belt in taekwondo, and she’s a master of the nunchaku. In fact, Krista’s nunchaku performance during the talent competition won her the title of Miss Talent, while her physical beauty won her the Best in Swimsuit award.

As if Krista’s prodigious brains and brawn weren’t impressive enough, she’s also got quite an artistic side. Having served as a choreographer and dancer for her high school dance team, Krista’s a multi-awarded Latin ballroom dancer who also dances jazz, ballet, and hip-hop. She doesn’t just dance to the music, she also makes her own music as a singer and piano player.

Krista graced the cover of Gadgets magazine in October 2009. In the same month, she modeled for Filipino fashion legend Ben Farrales at Philippine Fashion Week. Krista is also Miss USA Philippines 2007 and Miss Pistang Pilipinas Queen of Tourism 2004.

During the question-and-answer portion, Krista was asked what she’d like to discuss with US President Barack Obama. Krista replied that she’d like to know what motivates Obama to serve the American people so selflessly, so she can do the same for the Filipino people. Multitalented, multicultural, and civic-minded — what more could you ask for in a fine Filipina?

Miss Philippines-World Czarina Gatbonton

Miss Philippines-World Czarina Gatbonton

Miss Philippines-World: Czarina Catherine Gatbonton
Age: 19
Height: 5′ 10 1/2″
Weight: 116.6 lbs
Vital statistics: 34″-23″-34 1⁄2″

Tall, curvy, dusky Czarina has the most quintessentially Filipina features in the winner’s circle. Her height serves her well in her favorite sports: basketball and volleyball.

Czarina’s dreamed of winning beauty pageants since childhood, and now she’s living her dream. Even before winning the title of Miss Philippines-World 2010, she was crowned Miss Malolos 2009.

Czarina’s also very proud of her cultural heritage. During the question-and-answer portion, she chose to reply in her native Filipino tongue. When asked what she would like to be if she were given another life, she answered exactly as a nature-loving island princess would: she’d like to be a life-giving tree.

The symbolism of the Tree of Life resonates particularly well in Filipino culture: these archipelagic people rely on coastal coconut trees for everything from food to shelter to textiles to oxygen. Continuing the Filipino tradition of hospitality, Czarina’s in her second year of studying hotel and restaurant management. Czarina’s close affinity for her native culture certainly adds to her charm as a fine Filipina.

Miss Philippines-Universe Venus Raj

Miss Philippines-Universe Venus Raj

Miss Philippines-Universe: Maria Venus Raj
Age: 21
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Vital statistics: 35″-22″-35″
Special awards: Miss Friendship, Best in Long Gown, Best in Philippine Terno

Venus represents the best of two worlds: the mysterious beauty of India and the sunny charm of the Philippines. As an information assistant for the Philippines’ environmental protection agency, Venus works to protect the natural beauty of her tropical homeland. That love for nature is why Venus is also Miss Philippines Earth Eco-Tourism 2008. Like her fellow winner Czarina, Venus enjoys basketball and volleyball. She also loves singing.

This journalism graduate is the picture of dignified elegance. That elegance is what won her the award for Best in Long Gown. When asked what she would do to achieve her dreams, Venus essentially said she would rely on two things: inner strength and deep faith. As anyone familiar with Filipino culture will tell you, those character traits are the twin pillars at the heart of many a fine Filipina.

The Beauty of Diversity

As you can see from the list of winners, mixed ethnicities aren’t the only characteristics that give fine Filipinas their diversity. From cutting-edge media mavens to hyper-achieving martial artists, from loving family girls to devoted civil servants, fine Filipinas aren’t just a multicultural phenomenon. They’re a multidimensional phenomenon.

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25 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Bb. Pilipinas 2010 Winners”
  1. Having braved BPCI controversy on account of her late-registered Birth Certificate and then overcoming it to recover her beauty crown in time, MVRaj could have answered WBaldwin confidently:

    “The biggest mistake I may have ever made was omitting the inelegance of my complicated roots when I competed for the Binibining Pilipinas beauty crown. I corrected the mistake by personally declaring a sad truth about my humble international beginnings. Happily, doing the right thing when it became due worked things out wonderfully and so, thank you so much to my family for all the love and support, for here I am tonight with audacity of hope to try to win as Miss Universe 2010!”

    Considering that exotic and regal MVRaj was No.3 in swimsuit and No. 5 in gown, do you think it would have made a different result?

  2. hercy nieva says:

    Judges are not really interested in lengthy answers. Like an ad campaign, they want short, to the point that delivers a punch. I would have answered it this way: I would have sang Frank Sinatra’s MY WAY “regrets, I have a few, but then again, too few to mention.” Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

  3. hercy nieva says:

    Or a short poem, like haiku, anything that calls attention and separates you from the usual boring responses. Think outside the box!

  4. hercy nieva says:

    Beauty queens back home need to be honed to think fast on their feet. Same thing happened to another Bicolana, Miriam (forgot her last name) who fumbled her response to the question of a beauty queen found pregnant. The eventual winner was an African who answered that every pregnancy is a gift. Bang, she won the crown, and Miriam came home as 1st runner-up.

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