Alodia and Ashley Cosplay Japanese Superheroes

Having endorsed everything from anime DVDs to video games to Japanese skincare products, Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao has become an icon of Japanese pop culture in the Philippines.

Alodia and Ashley Cosplay Japanese Superheroes

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8 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Alodia and Ashley Cosplay Japanese Superheroes”
  1. rhai says:

    “That’s why they dressed Alodia and Ashley as staple characters from popular Japanese fiction: sentai, a class of high-kicking, (ROBOT-RIDING) Japanese costumed superheroes. If you’re familiar with Power Rangers, those guys are sentai.”

    @masahiko read….
    @cheeny pity you..
    @tony don’t read if you don’t like, nobody’s pushing you to like this article
    @the author good job man,, just dont mind other people..

  2. Kelleth says:

    Thought it started with Liveman, Kamen Rider Black and the Space Sheriffs in the late 80’s? (Gavan not counted as he was Skyrider)

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