Alodia and Ashley Cosplay Japanese Superheroes

Having endorsed everything from anime DVDs to video games to Japanese skincare products, Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao has become an icon of Japanese pop culture in the Philippines.

Alodia and Ashley Cosplay Japanese Superheroes

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8 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Alodia and Ashley Cosplay Japanese Superheroes”
  1. masahiko kojima says:


    whats this? sorry but i dont see anything about related to this

    i dont see any robot or anything related to this

    and it looks like they are endorsing shirts rather than robots

    they are fit in carshows cause they wear fitted unitards, they dont look like sentai or what so ever

    they look like unrelated to the article

    though i dont speak english well but i see it in this article not really related

  2. tony montano says:

    sorry mike, i love your website and your posts are usually cool. but please enough of the posts about this girls, i think every once in a while i visit this site there is a new article about this sisters. dont get me wrong man, they do look cute, it’s just there are still lots of fine filipinas out there better than alodia and ashley gosiengfiao. more power to you mike. peace =)

  3. Cheeny says:

    Oh, these two are retokadas. And, oh. FINE FILIPINAS??? do you really consider them FINE FILIPINAS? Alodia is a bitch who stole my bestfriend’s boyfriend! She’s also the bitch who slept with my boyfriend. Oh. Ex-boyfriend. Alodia’s not fine. She’s malandi! WHORE!

  4. Richie says:

    @Cheeny She must be much prettier than you or your friend. Both you and your friend can’t hold on to your men. Ugly ass bitches are so messed up.=)

  5. Pimp Dadi says:

    What!? They`re a bunch of whores!? … anybody know their home phone number or cel? Its kinda lonely these past few days. And yeah, you gotta be ugly if these FINE boo-boo-kitty-fucks stole your boyfriend

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