Sandra Seifert Disqualified from Bb. Pilipinas 2009

Filipina-German model Sandra Seifert has been disqualified from the Binibining Pilipinas 2009 pageant.

Sandra Seifert Disqualified from Bb. Pilipinas 2009

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26 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Sandra Seifert Disqualified from Bb. Pilipinas 2009”
  1. pageantqueen says:

    Miss Universe? beg your pardon inday..the world wants to see an Asian girl, morena, or at least light skinned Oriental not a German mestisa..kasi pinaglalaban ang mga latina countries……pero if one looks at our international winners, none are tisay except Margie Moran pero tsinita siya ng konte. Sandra is pretty, nice figure, but she doesn’t look pinay…..dapat mag pa tan siya to look pinay…Au Pijuan, Gloria Diaz, Gemma Cruz, Laura Quigiman command attention for morena type looking Asian,,

  2. kiksy says:

    mestiza or not Sandra is qualified , dont you understand our culture? shes half breed and all of us known to be mixed .. there you go… unless you come from the mountain which we call it “negretoes” perhaps you have to see the difference …after all fans of sandra was upset and in the eyes of the beholder she is still the winner… just to let BCPI know that the person whom they disqualified is the very selected few in this world just to remind you…BCPI lost their credibility a pity they play dumb…. God Bless you

  3. inday lucy says:

    congratulations for winning the ms phil earth 2009 i want to thank u for ur efforts in serving the county the philippines more power to you. maghalong ka ha

  4. Negros boy says:

    Congrats & Goodluck…God Bless You

    • Well, the results spoke for itself. Shame on you Binibining Pilipinas organizers, had you seen how the 10 Semi-Finalist did on the interview portion last night, maybe you would figure out what’s wrong with your pageant. you all go for bullcrap like focusing on how to deprive a woman of substance like Sandra Seifert from representing our country to international pageants which require international perspective.

      Strike one was Karla Henry not making it to the Top 5 when it’s apparent how articulate she is compared to Janina San Miguel. You better resign Stella Marquez Araneta.

  5. joey o says:

    I just saw the Miss Philippines-Earth and was very pleased with the winner Miss Sandra Seifert. She was bubly and pretty, unpretentious and intellegent and did very well in the interview. I think the Philippine will once again have a big chance to be the next Miss Earth 2009. Why did Binibining Filipinas elimenate her? For these photos above? Give me a break! What a waste. Sandra would have been great for the Miss Universe Pageant. I should know. I have witness live, almost all of them! Congratulations Sandra and good luck to Miss Earth!

    • You’re right Joey O. All of the 10 finalists were bubbly and set a standard for the next national level pageant to surmount. They were all articulate. Binibining Pilipinas should focus more on that aspect.

      • atashamaks says:

        You’re definitely right anarooscorpio, Binibining Pilipinas should concentrate on looking for contestants who are articulate and can express themselves well. Remember, when one is articulate she can definitely get out of any complex situation…..that’s where confidence comes in. Miriam Quiambao was a step away from winning the Miss Universe crown but with Ms Bootswana’s language facility, Miriam Quiambao failed.

        it’s not the first time tha tBb Pilipinas Charities did this, remeber Joey Mead in 2001, Julian Palermo in 2004.

        • me says:

          yeah, sandra is really deserving,i saw her in person in bb pilipinas,very stunning.maybe because of mixed blood (shes german)
          .i just have a comment in being articulate. of course most of them are really articulate, its their own native language,most of the winners here in the philippines are half blood. sad part to pure filipina blood, hoping to represent philippines.i truly believe in the beauty of a filipina,but pinoys really one sided in these half blood sad.

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