Miss Cebu 2009 Winners

From left: Tara Oliver, Kim Burden, Kris Janson, Rizzi Gomez, and Isa Eguia. Congratulations to the winners of the Miss Cebu 2009 pageant! Check out the profiles of these lovely Cebuanas: 4th runner-up: Tara Frances L. Oliver Birthdate: October 5, 1988 Height: 5′ 4 1/2″ Weight: 102 lbs. School: University of San Carlos Address: Bacayan, […]

Miss Cebu 2009 Winners

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10 Comments (with 3 Conversations) on “Miss Cebu 2009 Winners”
  1. jepoy says:

    wow @ 1st runnner up!!

  2. Rocky says:

    *drool* Mike’s a secret pervert and I love him for that :))

  3. Anonymous says:

    pag sure oy mga putot man mo

  4. ariel allera says:


    MISS CEBU 2009: God’s Will and Kris’s Grace
    By Ariel Allosada Allera

    Despite controversies and all the hullabaloos Kris Tiffany Janson is beaming her reign as the 25th most beautiful lady Cebu has recently enthroned. To date, the 19-year-old Management Accounting Carolinian has been wearing her illustrious crown as gracefully as she made a stride towards her crowning moment during the Miss Cebu 2009 Search a few weeks ago.

    “What an experience it has been. I’m still quite surprised at the thought of being Miss Cebu, since I never ever dreamed of joining a beauty contest, although my grandmother used to tell me as a little girl that I should be a beauty queen when I grow up,” Kris recalls.

    Prior to the pageant, Kris admitted to not being inclined to pivoting on the world of pageants, although her sweeping background in modelling would have triggered the decision to give it a shot. She thought, should she join the prestigious Miss Cebu, she might as well make up her mind for the next year’s search. She discloses, “Some inner voice was telling me that it’s God’s will for me to join, that it’s going to be the right time, that I should go out there and encourage others by my example to believe in themselves.”

    Divine intervention, that is.

    True to her word, the first-time candidate shone on the pageant night, and eventually outshone the seasoned some. “I couldn’t believe my confidence while I was on stage, but I knew that God was taking charge of every moment, because I was in a state of grace. All along I never doubted His power to help me cast my fears aside,” the God-fearing Cebuana beauty testifies to her faith.

    Kris may be classified as Cebu’s most bankable print-ad model, as well as one of the city’s most favorite runway mannequins, but then she’s not one to vaunt her feats. A member of a devout Catholic family and a student of a train of Catholic learning institutes from grade school to college (viz: St. Benedict Childhood Education Centre, Sacred Heart School-Jesuits, De La Salle University, University of San Carlos), it will just be a piece of cake to tell that Kris has breeding, her faith in God is firm, and her humility is such that she’s one to keep a low profile no matter how many billboards she’s on, or how many times people have seen her in glossies, or the many prominent runways she’s catwalked on.

    During the “L’Amore Bridal Fashion Show” one weekend, the 2009 Miss Cebu Kate Mossed the Style Lounge of ParkMall in the Reclamation Area, together with her colleagues at A.D. Models Philippines, donning the exquisite creations of Cebu’s top couturiers. Kris wowed the crowd as the latter oohed and aahed at the beauty queen and the supermodel wannabe who was strutting the venue in a Dexter Alazas.

    “I enjoy modeling. My highest goal here is to become a Ford Supermodel, like my fellow A.D. model Verns Buckley who was blessed enough to penetrate the international scene. In the meantime, I want to concentrate on my responsibilities as Miss Cebu 2009, which I’m enjoying a lot. I would like my reign to be uniquely enriching not only for me but also for every Cebuano,” Kris explains.

    Hence, how would Kris Tiffany Janson like to be remembered amongst the 25 Miss Cebus? “Well, every one of us would’ve worn our respective crowns as beautifully as we would’ve lived up to our title uniquely,” she retorts graciously.

    A Miss Cebu’s reign embodies a year-round itinerary of commitments, all for the good of Cebu and its people that proudly put Kris in the forefront as an emissary of goodwill. But as far as her personal crusade is concerned, the altruistic young lady shares, “My mentor Dexter Alazas and I are working on a campaign which we fondly call ‘Trash to Cash,’ wherein we’re going to turn scrap fabrics into dolls, design clothes to be made of fabric combinations and patchworks, recycle other alternative garments for livelihood. We’re going to talk the Clothes for Life Foundation into supporting us in this cause.”

    “Trash to Cash” is aimed at putting into the public domain, particularly the Cebuano populace, its inspiring and feasible alternative to respond to the current global economic crisis which, apparently, is unravelling at great speed.

    “I take it as part of my platform being Miss Cebu 2009 to somehow make a difference in the lives of everyone. As a model, this particular project is my way of reciprocating all the perks that I get in the fashion industry. And because we’re all affected by the international economic system, I believe it’s a good response. By the way, who says it’s impossible to remain stylish during times of economic harship? After all, it’s fun to be a recessionista,” the responsible yet sensible Cebuana justifies, as gracefully as she tunes in to that voice within her where she finds the divine confidence to live out her reign to the fullest. (laraduttallerariel@yahoo.com)

  5. ebyang says:

    1990 pud siguro c rizzini oi hehehe..

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