Filipina Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao on Culture:Japan

As previously announced, Filipina cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao appeared on Tokyo Metropolitan Television (Tokyo MX TV) as a guest on the premiere episode of Culture:Japan, a new series on Japanese pop culture. Alodia, a major Japanese pop culture geek, showed off her roomful of toys and gadgets in the Philippines.

Popular Demand and Extended Editions

Top Japanese pop culture blogger Danny Choo, who serves as director and presenter of Culture:Japan, saw a surge of Web traffic to his site on the night of the broadcast. Clearly, the show was a hit, and viewers were going online for more.

Based on behind-the-scenes photos taken during her shoot for Culture:Japan, Alodia seems to have worn two outfits for the show: one inspired by anime culture, and one inspired by gamer culture. Based on these screenshots from the show itself, the anime-inspired costume got most of the screen time. The Culture:Japan episode shown by Tokyo MX TV in Japan ran for thirty minutes; an hour-long version will be aired in Southeast Asia via Animax. We should see more of Alodia then.

Alodia also happens to be an anime VJ for Animax. Animax has been expanding its online initiatives recently; if Danny’s Web traffic surge is any indication, Animax’s Web efforts are about to get a pleasant boost.

Filipina Geek Representation

In case you’re wondering about the piano in the first screenshot, Alodia uses it to play music from the Final Fantasy series of Japanese role-playing games. If you look closely at the lower left portion of the third screenshot, you can see a framed photo of her in black tights. That’s Alodia cosplaying the villainous Baroness from the original G.I. Joe animated series. This girl lives and breathes geekiness.

The premiere episode of Culture:Japan marks Alodia’s Japanese television debut. Note the prominence of the Philippine flag in the lower right corner of the first screenshot. The episode’s original Japanese broadcast date, June 12, was Philippine Independence Day. How fitting that a fine Filipina should showcase Filipina creativity internationally on that day.

(Screenshots by Shun Emilio Kuroki.)

UPDATE: Here’s the hour-long version of Culture:Japan’s premiere episode, as aired on Animax. Enjoy Alodia’s adorably bubbly brand of geekiness. 😀

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  1. Ernz1318 says:

    Awww… I dream of having that kind of room full of figurines, artworks and making prop things… but I guess I have to be 40 to make that dream come true hahaha… and… Im obsolete in anime trends hahah… lots of catching up! 😀

    anyway… I so agree with “theatrical, professional, and idolatric”, I just wonder if she has time to relax… So much to catch up XD hehehe… New Room and story will be added to my comic episodes heheh… thanks to the video tour.

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