Filipina Musicians

Mocha Girls

Filipinos are very sociable people: the more, the merrier. That’s probably why Filipina singer Mocha Uson has extended her personal brand onto her own girl group: the Mocha Girls. Check out Mocha’s friends: Hershey Delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale, and Mary Grace Oracion. Here they are getting into the spirit of summer in the video for their single Deliciosa.

Leah Dizon – Step Into My World Special Edition Video

She recently announced her wedding and pregnancy, so we won’t be seeing her like this for a while. Step into the world of Filipina-French-Chinese J-pop idol Leah Dizon in the special edition music video for the song Step Into My World, from her latest album Communication!!!, featuring outtakes from the regular edition and footage from her concert tour.

Note this lyric: I’ll spend every day, the rest of my life, to bring you the happiness you brought to me. Spoken like a true newlywed. Congratulations, Leah!