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Japanese-Filipina Singer Megumi Nakajima’s First Live DVD

Filipina-Japanese singer Megumi Nakajima just released her first live performance DVD, featuring her concert at Akasaka Blitz last April. True to her genki image, the DVD is entitled Mamegu Heave-ho! Spring Festival in Akasaka Blitz.

The concert features songs from the hit anime series Macross Frontier, in which Megumi plays the incredibly cute songstress Ranka Lee. The DVD also features a new performance of her viral video hit Be Myself.

Japanese-Filipina Singer Megumi Nakajima on YouTube

Japanese-Filipina singer and voice actress Megumi Nakajima, a hot new star in the anime scene best known for her role as Ranka Lee in the hit series Macross Frontier, just opened her own YouTube channel. She hasn’t uploaded much yet, but if the viral success of her dance clip on a Japanese video-sharing site last year is any indication, we can look forward to some fun stuff. You have got to love how she combines Filipina expressiveness with Japanese cuteness.