Bez Lacanlale

Mocha Girls – Take a Sip

Filipina girl group Mocha Girls just released a new music video for their single Take a Sip. The fine Filipina singing quartet of Mocha Uson, Hershey Delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale, and Grace Oracion portray playful waitresses in a retro ’50’s-style bar.

By the end of this this video, you’ll want more than just a sip. You’ll want a pitcher.

Mocha Girls

Filipinos are very sociable people: the more, the merrier. That’s probably why Filipina singer Mocha Uson has extended her personal brand onto her own girl group: the Mocha Girls. Check out Mocha’s friends: Hershey Delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale, and Mary Grace Oracion. Here they are getting into the spirit of summer in the video for their single Deliciosa.