Mocha Girls

Filipinos are very sociable people: the more, the merrier. That’s probably why Filipina singer Mocha Uson has extended her personal brand onto her own girl group: the Mocha Girls. Check out Mocha’s friends: Hershey Delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale, and Mary Grace Oracion. Here they are getting into the spirit of summer in the video for their single Deliciosa.

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8 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Mocha Girls”
  1. goodmorning hehe lioke nyo tong page n toh!!!

  2. magno says:

    thumbs down!! dont like it a little to skinny,and they are all flat chest, we want something with little meat on it,nice size breast that will hipnotized you once you staring on em,this girls needs to eat a bit more, go to the gym get some definition on body structural,and breast transplant. if you have a problem with this email

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