Alodia Performs at Cyberzone Cosplay Event

Geeks love tech. Geeks also love cosplay. That’s why SM Cyberzone, the technology and gadgets section of SM Supermalls in the Philippines, holds an annual nationwide cosplay competition.

Dancer and Judge

The finals for the 2010 Cyberzone cosplay competition featured a special treat: a dance performance from Filipina cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. Cosplaying the futuristic soldier Amanda Werner from the sci-fi anime series Blassreiter, Alodia danced for an enthusiastic crowd filling multiple floors of the SM Megamall event center.

Despite the very real risk of taking a tumble on a slippery floor while wearing spandex-covered heels, Alodia managed to look every bit the anime-costumed superstar while dancing. After her performance, Alodia served as a judge for the cosplay competition.

Culmination of a Chain

Alodia’s performance at the Cyberzone cosplay competition finals culminated a chain of convergent events. Weeks before the finals, Alodia collaborated with Filipina director Kring Elenzano on an ad for Axe deodorant body spray. Kring herself happens to be the star performer for online video production studio Flippish.

When SM Cyberzone tapped Flippish to organize their cosplay competition, Kring became the stage director for the finals. Once again, Kring teamed up with Alodia to put on another great show. Filipina VJ Andi Manzano joined in as host, while Alodia’s sister Ashley joined in to present the prizes.

Nexus of Convergence

Alodia’s performance itself was a nexus of media convergence. Flippish streamed it live over the Internet, while Southeast Asian anime cable channel Animax sent a camera crew. The latter isn’t surprising, since Alodia serves a brand ambassador for Animax.

The competition itself was held across two different SM branches at opposite ends of the Philippines. Thanks to live video streaming by Flippish, the finalists in each branch were able to compete with each other on stage, in real time.

Darling of the Crowd

Alodia’s public appearances have attracted mobs of fans since 2008. We’re not talking about small groups of hardcore cosplay geeks — we’re talking about huge mobs traditionally reserved for mainstream movie stars. The mobs just keep getting bigger and bigger each year, and the Cyberzone cosplay event is no exception. Even before the start of the show, the Megamall event center was already filled to the brim. Long after the show ended, camera-toting crowds still surrounded the cosplay queen.

It was quite a sight to behold. It takes a fine Filipina like Alodia to give a geeky hobby like cosplay such widespread appeal. Congratulations to Alodia, Flippish, SM Cyberzone, and all the cosplayers on successfully evangelizing geek culture to the masses. Cosplay Photographers Guild founder Richie dela Merced captured all the cosplay action.

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  1. Mimay says:

    I think Alodia Gosiengfiao as being geeky and a gamer makes her unique in the world of Cosplay. She knows which characters are perfect for her to cosplay. From there, the mobs recognized her for being an effective cosplayer. She even became endorsers of company products.

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