Dianne Sison

Filipina Actress Dianne Sison: Renaissance Woman

As a writer for Fine Filipinas, I’m constantly reminded that there’s often far more to a fine Filipina than meets the eye. Behind Alodia Gosiengfiao’s giggly cosplay girl persona, for instance, is a strong-willed young woman determined to push the boundaries of an emerging artform. Behind Mia Marquez’s sophisticated prodigy model persona is a fun-loving, lighthearted, and vivacious teenage girl. Behind Giselle Sanchez’s crazy sexy comedienne persona is a fiercely intelligent and deeply spiritual woman of substance.

Most fans of Filipina actress Dianne Sison know her as the perky and sassy gamer girl from More on Gaming TV, a show about video games. She’s the girl who played the classic Legend of Zelda, the girl who reviews all the cool new games. She’s the girl who appeared in a calendar for a major Philippine game publisher. She’s the girl who’s smart enough to appreciate gamer passion. A method actress and a graduate of theater arts, she’s the girl who loves the strong immersive narratives of fantasy role-playing games. Behind Dianne’s gamer babe persona, however, is a complex balance of fiery ambition tempered by precocious wisdom. Click here to continue reading “Filipina Actress Dianne Sison: Renaissance Woman”…